FHS7v7A was developed by High School Football Coaches and Athletic Directors, for High School Coaches and Athletic Directors. For years, high school football players have wanted to improve their skills and have an extra opportunity to earn exposure in the sport of football and their school coaches have had to turn to All star teams and All star tournaments for these outlets. No longer is that the case.

FHS7v7A offers High School Coaches and their athletes the opportunity to join a 3rd party association and compete in the sport of 7v7 football for the Offseason and Summer months as determined by FHSAA as a team. Their team. Only players from your school on your team will be allowed to participate and compete in games and the regional and state championships. This is not an all-star event; this is for High School teams to get better at what they do.

But FHS7v7A did not stop there. They understood what High School Coaches and Administrators wanted. So with that in mind we created two classifications in our Association structure. These classifications were based on FHSAA Classifications for Football. They are as follows, State Series Classification (Those teams choosing to participate and compete in the Regional Qualifying Tournaments and if advancing, the State Championship Tournament) and Independent (Those teams choosing to participate, but not in post season competition.) The independent classification will have the opportunity to practice, participate in regular season competitions, but wish not to participate in the state series competitions.


Florida High School 7v7 Association is a member driven organization, run by high school football coaches to serve high school football coaches in the offering of the sport of 7v7 football in the State of Florida. The association believes that sportsmanship and fair play will foster a positive future for the sport of interscholastic 7v7 football and for the student athletes who participate in it.

Any public or private school in the State of Florida, recognized by the Florida Department of Education , or any formal home education cooperative and its enrolled students may become a member of FHS7v7A by completing a membership application online on which it agrees to adopt and abide by FHS7v7A Bylaws, as well as all regulations and policies established by the Association”≥ Board of Directors.

Florida High School 7v7 Association is a Third Party Association that supports the sport of Interscholastic 7v7 Football in the State of Florida by High Schools by providing its member schools with an organized, safe 7v7 football experience. This is NOT A SCHOOL ORGANIZED PROGRAM and the coaches and athletes involved and participating will have joined a 3rd party sanctioning organization in order to play 7v7 football. Florida High School 7v7 Association will comply with all FHSAA guidelines governing off season and summer activities as it relates to off season programs or third party affiliated events and activities. For more information regarding state guidelines and information, please visit www.fhsaa.org or call FHSAA Office directly.