If I participate in this will I violate any compliance rules set by FHSAA?

FHSAA states explicitly that in order to work with your kids in a non contact setting other than weight room or conditioning type activities, not only the athlete but also the coach must be a member and involved in a 3rd party organization, separate from the school. FHS7v7A is here to facilitate just that, in an organized, compliant, safe, and sanctioned environment. FHS7v7A strives to offer high school coaches the opportunity to practice and compete in the sport of 7v7 with their own athletes from their own school, all while a member of the 3rd party FHS7v7A.

Do the athletes on my team need to have insurance?

Yes, we recommend that all participants have their own primary health insurance. Upon registration, each participant and coach will automatically receive coverage that includes accidental liability, and accidental medical insurance. We encourage each registrant to review what these policies cover so they are informed as much as possible.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The insurance coverage provided by Philadelphia Insurance Companies Insurer is a limited benefits policy applicable only to accidents incurred during participation in FHS7v7A activities (the Limited Insurance Coverage, and the Limited Insurance Coverage is limited to only the benefits described in the Limited Insurance Coverage Statement of Insurance Benefits available from the Insurer. Any claim to insurance benefits by Participant is only against the Insurer and FHS7v7A has no liability for such insurance claims. FHS7v7A has acted to facilitate the Limited Insurance Coverage, but such facilitation (i) does not constitute any assumption of liability by FHS7v7A for any claim, damages, demand, lawsuit or loss (including attorneys fees and costs) (collectively Damages, and (ii) does not constitute an exception or qualification to any release, waiver or indemnification given by Participant under the Liability Waiver and Release. In order to participate in any FHS7v7A activity, Participant must have in place an insurance policy with limits of not less than $25,000.00 that will serve as Participantӳ primary insurance coverage to cover all Damages for injuries resulting from participation in any FHS7v7A activity. The Limited Insurance Coverage will apply only to the extent Participantӳ primary insurance coverage does not cover all of the Damages, and then only to the extent provided in the Limited Insurance Coverage. Participant will be solely responsible for all and any deductibles under the Limited Insurance Coverage, and the amount of any claim to be paid by the Insurer will be reduced by an amount equal to the applicable deductible payable by Participant.

Why do coaches have to be registered?

Coaches have to be registered so we are able to track who is working with the athletes on each team. This is to ensure that there are no ԡllstarԠor ԣombinationԠteams registered. By coaches registering, they also become members of a 3rd party organization, which is required by FHSAA bylaws for participation in off season activities.

Why can I only compete in post season play with 30 players?

This levels the playing field. Just like in fall football when you are required to cut your roster to 60 players for the playoffs FHS7v7A requires the same thing but in our case it is 30. That doesn’t mean they can’t continue to practice, it just means that at post season competition there can be a maximum of 30 players in uniform for competition.


I have 10 kids on the team that are jv players, should I register them?

Yes! As long as the student athlete is enrolled in your school in grades 9-11, they are eligible to participate in FHS7v7A. Even if your jv player might not be part of your 3o man post season roster, you certainly want to take advantage of the chance in the offseason to work on and develop his skills. There is no limit into how many players you can register on your team, practice with, and compete in the regular season.


How many regular season games do we need to play?

Each team must participate in at least one regular season contest and that contest must be published per FHSAA guidelines of off season participation. Make sure you send in the contest date to FHS7v7A, and we will post your regular season schedule on our website.

Do I have to register all the coaches on my staff?

Any coach that will be working with or coaching with any of the registered participants on your team, must be also registered with FHS7v7A to be in compliance with FHSAA. Each Team Roster including registered coaches will be kept on file, and be made available to FHSAA upon request.

How many days a week can I practice?

As many days as you want, however we recommend coaches use good judgment. Know your players and their physical limitations. Keep in mind the importance of a well balanced offseason program.

I want to add a player that enrolled in my school in the middle of the season. What do I do?

Simple, just access your roster on FHS7v7A website, add the required information, and make payment arrangements of $25 for each player you add, and $30 for each coach you may add.

Why do I need to send my schedule into FHS7v7A?

Your contests must be published to be in compliance with FHSAA. We will each teamӳ regular season schedule on our website. Remember, you need to have at least one regular season contest.

The season started January 4th, but I didn’t get my team together until March 1st or later, can we still participate?

Of course. FHS7v7A has high school coaches and high school programs in mind. We understand that every program and their off season program is unique. Whenever you have your team ready, simply go online and register them. Once payment is received, your ready to go.

Can I register 8th graders that will be at my school next season?

No. Only students that are currently enrolled in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade are eligible to participate in FHS7v7A. This again is in place with the high school coach in mind. In future FHS7v7A seasons, there may be opportunities for Middle School Athletes to get involved, in their own middle school division, just for 6-8th graders.

Still have a question that wasn’t discussed here? Please email us or call us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. We look forward to having you as a member of Florida High School 7v7 Association.