In this briefing we will explain to you the coach exactly how the FHS7v7A works and a step by step process in order to sign up and start competing. The FHSAA states explicitly that in order to work with your kids in a non contact setting other than weight room or conditioning type activities, not only the athlete but also the coach must be a member and involved in a 3rd party organization, separate from the school. The FHS7v7A is here to facilitate just that, in an organized, compliant, safe, and sanctioned environment. The FHS7v7A strives to offer high school coaches the opportunity to practice and compete in the sport of 7v7 with their own athletes from their own school, all while a member of the 3rd party FHS7v7A. It is the mission of the FHS7v7A to enhance the sport of 7v7 in the offseason and offer a way for High School Coaches to be a part of it with their kids.
Activities: 7v7 regular season competitions, State Series (Post season) tournaments, State Championship Tournament
Cost: $25 per athlete, $30 per coach (Sign up as many as you want, there is no minimum and no maximum)
Benefits: Liability and Medical Coverage for each athlete and coach while participating in FHS7v7A activities.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The insurance coverage provided by Philadelphia Insurance Companies Insurer is a limited benefits policy applicable only to accidents incurred during participation in FHS7v7A activities (the Limited Insurance Coverage, and the Limited Insurance Coverage is limited to only the benefits described in the Limited Insurance Coverage Statement of Insurance Benefits available from the Insurer. Any claim to insurance benefits by Participant is only against the Insurer and FHS7v7A has no liability for such insurance claims. FHS7v7A has acted to facilitate the Limited Insurance Coverage, but such facilitation (i) does not constitute any assumption of liability by FHS7v7A for any claim, damages, demand, lawsuit or loss (including attorneys fees and costs) (collectively Damages, and (ii) does not constitute an exception or qualification to any release, waiver or indemnification given by Participant under the Liability Waiver and Release. In order to participate in any FHS7v7A activity, Participant must have in place an insurance policy with limits of not less than $25,000.00 that will serve as Participant primary insurance coverage to cover all Damages for injuries resulting from participation in any FHS7v7A activity. The Limited Insurance Coverage will apply only to the extent Participant primary insurance coverage does not cover all of the Damages, and then only to the extent provided in the Limited Insurance Coverage. Participant will be solely responsible for all and any deductibles under the Limited Insurance Coverage, and the amount of any claim to be paid by the Insurer will be reduced by an amount equal to the applicable deductible payable by Participant.
2017 Season: Regular Season – January 2nd-April 29th (Regular Season). June 1st-July 15th (Post Season/State Series & State Championships)

2017 Season will Run from January thru April for the regular season and then the months of June & July for the post season.


Options: You can sign up for state series (post season) play or choose to play

Independent (not eligible for post season tournaments. If you choose state
Series then you are committing to participate in your regional qualifying tournament in June for a chance to go on to the FHS7v7A State Championships in July. If you choose Independent you must play in a minimum of one published exhibition contest versus another member team in the FHS7v7A however you are electing not to participate in any qualifying or State Series (post season tournament). The choice is completely up to you and the needs of your team.


Regulations: Players must not have completed their senior season of fall football in order to be eligible to be a member and participate in FHS7v7A and its sanctioned activities and events. Players and coaches may not use helmets or other equipment, these are all non-contact activities, and players and coaches must not wear any portion of a schoolӳ athletic uniform. Per FHSAA guidelines participation in FHS7v7A shall be voluntary not required, and each school shall provide a fully executed facility use agreement between the schools and the FHS7v7A team.


State Series (Post Season) Play Regulations: Coaches must submit a state series entry list for any activities they will have members or teams participating in for the state series (post season).  Once again for the regular season you can play and participate with an unlimited amount of players.


It’s simple. Visit and click “Register My Team” on the home page. From there follow the prompts.
Things you will need when you register:
  • Coaches information (Name, Contact Info, School Info, Coaching Position)
  • Player Information (Name, Grade, Height/Weight, Position, Email address, Social media )
Why do we need all this information? We need to register all of our team rosters with the FHSAA in order to be in compliance. We need your coaching information so we have you registered to work with your players.
  • Last but not least we will need payment to finalize your team member
    memberships. You can pay online by using a credit card, or you can select the option register me & pay with a check. Take the amount shown, write a check to FHS7v7A and send it in to the address provided. Once we receive it and the check clears, you will be notified that your team can start participating. Itӳ that simple.
The only thing left to do, is make sure all of your player s have properly filled out a FHSAA GA6 form, and have a current Sports Physical, Heat & Illness/Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and Parent Permission form on file with you the coach.


Make your regular season schedule versus other FHS7v7A members and start
practicing. The only requirement for regular season competition is that if you
choose the Independent option, you schedule a minimum of one competition versus another member team, and you send in your schedule to us so we can publish it. We look forward to the upcoming 7v7 Season, and Welcome to the Florida High School 7v7 Association.


Best Regards,


Will Dettor
Florida High School 7v7 Association

Still have questions? Feel free to call Will Dettor at 904-402-5428 or Aaron Avery at 904-334-4392