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The Florida High School 7v7 Association in 2021

By Will Dettor, 11/15/20, 10:00PM EST



FHS7v7A was developed by High School Football Coaches and Athletic Directors, for High School Coaches and Athletic Directors. For years, high school football players have wanted to improve their skills and have an extra opportunity to earn exposure in the sport of football and their school coaches have had to turn to All star teams and All star tournaments for these outlets. In 2015, when the FHS7v7A was created, that no longer was the case.

FHS7v7A offers High School Coaches and their athletes the opportunity to join a 3rd party association and compete in the sport of 7v7 football, and Lineman Challenges (BattleLines) for the Offseason and Summer months as determined by FHSAA as a team. Their team. Only players from your school on your team will be allowed to participate and compete in games and the regional and state championships. This is not an all-star event; this is for High School teams to get better at what they do.

In 2017, as we entered our 4th Season, we realized that there was a demand from our Statewide Football Coaches for getting their entire football team involved in Offseason Activities, and so we answered those demands with BattleLines.  Rolling out in the 2017 Season, BattleLines offered Lineman on both sides of the ball, the opportunity to compete in Strongman Style Competitions with other member schools and an opportunity in the Post Season to compete for a BattleLines State Championship.  

But FHS7v7A did not stop there. They understood what High School Coaches and Administrators wanted.  We knew that High School Athletes play 7v7 not only to get better at their skills, but also to get exposure and catch the eye of college coaches across the country.  We knew that High School coaches felt pressure and took on the responsibility to involve their players in anything that would help gain attention from colleges and universities for their student athletes in the off season.   So with that in mind we created FHS7v7A College Link, a completely free added value to membership with the Florida High School 7v7 Association.  FHS7v7A College Link promotes every player who is a member of the Florida High School 7v7 Association, and shares each players vital information, along with statistics, data, and accolades with colleges across the country and other services who also don't charge high school athletes or their family members anything for exposure. NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Football. To confirm approval, NCAA compliance officers and coaches may find this service on the list of approvals linked below.  This link requires an NCAA login and is not available to the public.

FHS7v7A College Link also creates a digital profile of each athlete on their team page that colleges coaches can look at, members players and coaches can copy and paste and use at their discretion in social media and their own individual promotion.  Many "recruiting services" charge hundreds of dollars for this, we DO NOT.  It's completely FREE to our 7v7 and BattleLines Members. 

This is not a smoke & mirrors, and we don't make any outlandish claims about getting kids scholarships, we just help member coaches get the word out on their players.  We have an extensive network of college coaches made up of contacts we have created and relationships we have fostered from our staff members who are also high school coaches and former college coaches. Together as a staff we have over 40 years of coaching and recruiting experience and have seen hundreds of our athletes play college football after their high school careers were finished.