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A Look Back at the 2023 Sunshine State Combine Series

By Josh Wilson, Correspondent, 04/20/23, 10:45PM EDT


A Look Back at the 2023 Sunshine State Combine Series

By Joshua Wilson, Correspondent

The inaugural Sunshine State Series Combines Series launched in collaboration between the Florida High School 7v7 Association, the Florida Athletic Coaches Association, and Catapult Sports wrapped up with four great combines in Crestview, Starke, Orlando, and Tampa. The Sunshine State Combine Series provided high school football athletes an opportunity to show off their skills using the latest technology available which Catapult Sports provided.

The technology that Catapult Sports supplied included measuring how fast an athlete was able to run using a GPS system called the Catapult One. To provide perspective, Catapult One is powered by the technology that more than 3,000 pro teams use to measure their athletes accurately. Out of the results that can come from the Catapult One system, the speed at miles per hour is one that is talked about the most as it is a statistic that college recruiters are looking at more when recruiting athletes to play for their programs.

Of the four combine events held in the Sunshine State Combine Series, the Tampa event held on Sunday, April 16, at Plant High School in Tampa produced some of the fastest miles per hour speed results, which were all above 22 miles per hour. The combine at Crestview High School for the Panhandle produced four athletes with speeds of 22 miles per hour or above, while the combine at Bradford produced one athlete with a speed of 22 miles per hour or higher.

Here is a look at the Top Five fastest athletes from each of the four combines:


WR Nolan Munroe, Bishop Moore (Orlando), 2024 – 21.47 mph

WR William Jusme, Bishop Moore (Orlando), 2025 – 21.44 mph

RB Ladanian Sweeney, Bishop Moore (Orlando), 2024 – 21.41 mph

DB Elian Godin, Forest (Ocala), 2024 – 21.33 mph

RB Quantavious Callaway, Lake Region (Eagle Lake), 2025 – 21.32 mph


S Gavin Quenneville, Gulf Breeze, 2024 – 22.47 mph

WR Bryson Rouillier, Gulf Breeze, 2024 – 22.47 mph

WR Kendrick Burrell, Booker T. Washington (Pensacola), 2024 – 22.39 mph

S Jayson Kennedy, Milton, 2025 – 22.02 mph

S Jaden Appleby, Crestview, 2024 – 21.80 mph


RB Marquavious Owens, Suwannee (Live Oak), 2024 – 22.05 mph

WR James Haynes, Forest (Ocala), 2024 – 21.95 mph

S Dakota Wright, Tocoi Creek, 2025 – 21.27 mph

WR Isayah Osbourne, Forest (Ocala), 2024 – 21.19 mph

WR Kahlan Daniels, Harvest Community (Jacksonville), 2025 – 21.18 mph


RB Tranard Roberts, Williston, 2026 – 22.64 mph

WR/CB Javon Brown, Williston, 2024 – 22.19 mph

DT/ED Patrick Walker, St. Petersburg, 2024 – 22.09 mph

RB/ATH Jace McDonald, Williston, 2024 – 22.08 mph

RB/WR Jharez Williams, Williston, 2024 – 22.05 mph

When looking at the statistical information even further on the top five speeds from each of the four combines, we can see that wide receivers, defensive backs, and running backs dominate the list, denoting just how important and how fast skill positions players can be. We do get the lone exception of St. Peterburg’s Patrick Walker, who was the only lineman on either side of the football to grace the top five list from the combines. That is remarkable, and Walker’s speed is certainly going to be noted by college coaches.

And speaking of college coaches, they have already have received the information on all the athletes that participated in the Sunshine State Combines Series thanks to Dwight Thomas of Catapult Sports along with Jeff Martin, who spend a great amount of time scouting the State of Florida for the best athletes. Both Thomas and Martin ensure that the 290 college football programs across the country that subscribe to Catapult Recruiting receive the information they are looking for with detailed scouting reports that are NCAA compliant, allowing those that participated in the combine series to get the best exposure possible.

In the near future, we will break down more statistical data from the Sunshine State Series Combines here on the FHS7v7A website so we can spotlight the athletes that we will be watching over the next few years that could make a name for themselves.