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Powerdrive Training to be a Big Event in BattleLines this Summer

By Will Dettor, 02/01/18, 5:00PM EST


Once in a while, an innovative product comes along that changes the way people do business, or in sports, changes the way athletes train. The newest event in this year’s BattleLines Competition is such a product. It is called the PowerDrive. The PowerDrive was developed and patented by All Pro Defensive lineman, Doug English. In his 10 years in the NFL, Doug realized that effective power is not delivered horizontally. Power at the point of attack must be delivered in an inward and upward trajectory in order to dominate. Furthermore, power must be delivered dynamically through the hands in coordination with flexed hips and active feet.

No piece of equipment simulates the conditions on the field, at the point of attack as precisely as the PowerDrive. The PowerDrive event will be challenging, but the good news is that the better your form – low, flat-back, aggressive hands moving inward and upwards – the easier the PowerDrive is to roll. Bad form –high play, lack of separation, unaggressive movements – the PowerDrive will not roll.

The PowerDrive teaches and strengthens perfect form at the point of attack – a perfect addition to the BattleLines List of Competition Events.

For more information on PowerDrive Training and to see a short video of it in action at the Texas State Lineman Championships, please click on the BattleLines Tab on our Home Page, and click 'Competition Events" on the drop down tab.  

If you are looking to purchase a PowerDrive Training Implement, contact us at and type "Powerdrive" in the subject line.