Expectations of our FHS7v7A Student Athletes:

As a member of the Florida High School 7v7 Association, you as a student athlete have a set of expectations in order to honor your membership. The FHS7v7A recognizes that one of the toughest things young people faces is the rigors that come with being a successful student athlete, meaning one that excels in the classroom, the community, and on the field. Below are proven way to help our FHS7v7A student athlete members achieve high expectations in all three areas.

In the Classroom:

You are in school to get an education, not to play sports. Sports are a privilege not a right to those student athletes that take care of their responsibilities in the classroom. Without a strong education, your future after sports could be very tough road to follow, so while you have the opportunity, make the most of your education.
  • While in class, pay attention. Get involved in the classroom activities. Treat your teacher as you would your coach. Your coach wouldn’t expect you to stay in the back, not pay attention and not get involved and still be successful on the field, so why would you do that in the classroom and expect to be successful. Successful students are always successful players.
  • Properly organize your study materials, notes, and assignments. Your time is limited, with all your activities and responsibilities. Make the most of your time, and don’t waste any. If you have the opportunity to take care of something the first time, DO IT. DonӴ put off today, what you could do tomorrow.
  • Take care of the little things. If you don’t, guaranteed they will come back to bite you when you least want them to.

In the Community:

  • Be a great example of what a student athlete for your respective school should be in the community.
  • Be a leader and an ambassador for your athletic program and your school, in your community.
  • Always thing before you do something or say something in public, people are watching and people are listening. Is this something I want my coach or parent or principal to hear that I have said or done. If it is…do it, if it isn’t don’t.
  • Encourage your teammates to follow the same guidelines.

On the Field:

  • Always display good sportsmanship.
  • Be a leader, if one of your teammates is struggling with sportsmanship, help them.